​Tranform Zimbabwe Youth Assembly Reject Bond Notes.​ …

​Tranform Zimbabwe Youth Assembly Reject Bond Notes.​

The failure of Zimbabwe is a failure of leadership, the current crop we have in this Zanu pf government is too corrupt to run the nation. As Transform Zimbabwe Youth, we strongly believe that the introduction of bond notes will not solve the current economic turmoil, neither will it improve the cash crisis.

Printing of more money will even worsen the situation hence we can’t afford to sit and watch when someone is making experiments with our beautiful country. We believe together we can stop this madness. We are therefore urging all peace loving Zimbabweans to join the Youth Initiative being coordinated by ​ #Tajamuka/Sesjikile, Nera Youth Forum, #My Zimbabwe, Students, Workers​ and Civic Society as we march peacefully in the streets of Harare demanding the government to stop the circulation of bond notes.

Date: 30November 2016
Time: 10am
Venue: cnr Julius Nyerere/J Moyo

​Handei vanoenda Asambeni Abahambayo​

Transform Zimbabwe National Youth Chairman
​Kalonga Tawanda​




Who the hell banned the flag? #Tajamuka

Who the hell banned the flag? #Tajamuka




30 November 2016 our day to act!

As the regime find pleasure and satisfaction in the extinction of anything meaningful to our lives and the future of the next generations, it is the time to reflect and ask yourself a pertinent question, What are you doing to save your livelihood from the economic and leadership decay?

The forces of lives in our country are untowardly heading towards a catastrophic endurance. An unprecedented economic disaster. A mass destruction phenomenon. As the pending disaster approaches, Mugabe’s regime appears to be clueless and inept. A catastrophic disaster of this nature requires a broad approach, appropriate measures and remedies to avoid, not the current massaging and indifferent approach by Zanu pf.

Its a generational obligation for today’s youths, and today’s generation to stand up and defend the future. Inaction and being spectators is tantamount to burying the remains of our once greater nation.

At a time the regime has resolved to sink the little left in our economy next week through a paper bond, #myZimbabwe calls upon all youths across the divide and Zimbabweans in general,to join the 30th of November 2016 DEMO against the economic genocide being presided over by Zanu pf.

Youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow!! Let’s lead the way to a better Zimbabwe! Streets shall be our second home.





As the nation heads towards being bonded in financial poverty on 30 November 2016, almost most supermarkets in Harare and around the Country which include CHOPPIES are demanding cash for basics, majority of which are imports such as cooking oil.

With the introduction of bond notes the economy will SNEEZE resulting in severe acute food & basics shortages.

On 30 November we need to show that bond notes are rejected by coming out in our numbers to demostrate against bondnotes and corruption tendency it carries along with. Let us #shutZimbabwedown before they shut it on us. It started and has to continue on a weekly basis. Every CSO and social movement should plan activities to RESIST this MADNESS.

As we do this lets not forget to use our hard earned cash wisely by boycotting ​GUSHUNGO DIARY PRODUCTS AND CHOPPIES. WE CANNOT FUND OPPRESSION​. Brace up as we enter the final season of #UNGOVERNABILITY




In solidarity with Fadzayi Mahere and the others at the court today. I had a goo…

In solidarity with Fadzayi Mahere and the others at the court today. I had a good chat with the MDC’s youthful Vice President Nelson Chamisa. I was also profoundly impressed by Fadzayi Mahere’s resolve and graciousness under the tenacity of the state. I say to her stay strong. You have elevated the cause to another level. Thanks to all the groups and individuals who showed up in support and solidarity. The regime’s frivolous charges are collapsing day by day and we must be sure to stay on the right of things to manta in and reap from our moral highground. Victoria ascerta #Tajamuka


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