Tajamuka/Sesjikile Statement …

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Statement

Tajamuka takes heart to note that pressure has come to bear on the government and statutory instrument 164 is finally being scrapped.

Tajamuka leaders led heart rending struggles in Beitbridge and all the border entries of our country in total opposition and defiance to the unjust and senseless regulation.

Working together with member and partner organizations, tajamuka led, organized and sustained the struggle against S164 to its logical conclusion.

Tajamuka is not new to the struggles of social justice and transformation. In 2016 tajamuka staged several revolutionary demonstrations against the government’s unjust and unfair policies.

Today tajamuka remains steadfast in its fight against Robert Mugabe’s long incumbency, the ineffectual bond notes, corruption, police brutality among a cocktail of other issues.

Tajamuka remains seized with the just and legitimate fight for change and transformation and the scrapping of S164 is just but a reminder of the sound policy judgement of Tajamuka leadership and the persistence and resilience of the tajamuka leadership to see through all its struggles.

Victoria Ascerta




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