*The biometric voter registration blitz phase *1-4* has come and gone. Let me take a moment to thank all the MDC T family and our Alliance partners from the branch level up to the President. Individuals and organizations who dedicated their time and resources to make sure that Zimbabwe gets a new voters roll. The process was new, challenging and in some instances very slow but Zimbabweans endured,so that we can have a new and efficient voters role.

Special mention goes to * #Tajamuka*, * #My Zimbabwe*, SheVotes, * #GoBeyondChatting*, This flag, *Berekamwana Campaign*, Mhou nemhuruyayo, *All political parties*, *YVP*, the inspirational #Chakachaya2018 and all the other movements that went out encouraging people to register and vote.

I applaud the effectiveness of the judiciary which promoted and protected our constitutional right to vote by their groundbreaking judgement which prevented millions eligible voters from being disenfranchised by the regime. The judgement confirms the right to vote of all Zimbabweans, including those previously discriminated as “Aliens” by the regime.

We are encouraged by the results we are seeing in both rural and urban areas where after several campaigns the youths registration has significantly improved . The general response of youths is clearly indicating a new dispensation of responsible young people who are ready to take our great nation forward. This is as a culmination of selfless dedication by individuals and institutions wanting to see Zimbabwe going forward.

As we receive news of voter registration extension by the election commission *ZEC*, we call upon all Zimbabweans to embrace the spirit of hard work and sacrifice that we experienced in the past phases to continue as we continue building the Zimbabwe we all wish for . A new Zimbabwe is inevitable but it needs all of us to put all our energy together to finish the great work the founders of this great nation started during the liberation struggle. With Mugabe gone, the first step towards prosperity has been achieved, now it’s time we deal once and for all with the whole system and that can only be achieved if our generation takes time and register to vote.

Young people we are the majority of the voting population and the power is in our hands to give ourselves and generations to come a fresh start. And a Zimbabwe they can Love and be proud of. The strength of our country depends on how smart our generation is.

God bless you all..and God bless My Zimbabwe.


*Leader Cde Bvondo*



If he had a choice he would not accept the results but the democratic culture an…

If he had a choice he would not accept the results but the democratic culture and structures compel him. Congratulations CR17 they call him.




Thank you for your valuable likes and comments on this page. This is indeed your platform as citizens. Let us grow it together. It is and will always be a vehicle for communication and organization of citizens towards the great and better Zimbabwe that we aspire for. At Tajamuka, we refuse to believe that this is the best our country can be or do. Thus, the clarion call for us to act together, peacefully but vigilantly as citizens. In contemporary times, social or citizens movements have emerged the world over and changed the course of history and the destiny of posterity for their countries. We too can do it, and must infact do it. We owe this responsibility not only to ourselves and our great country but also to future generations. We didn’t not inherit this country and the resources in it from our yesteryear ancestors, we borrowed it from future generations.Surely, we owe them that little. Tajamuka will thus continue the work towards making this country better and greater using any and all means permissible in a democratic society. In so doing, we will join hands with you the citizens as well as other progressive forces from other social movements such as #thisflag civil society and even political parties. We must not and we will not shy away from this role. Our citizens must understand and never underestimate the power that they wield together as citizens. No army or amount of ammunition can stop a united determined citizenry marching together in peace and unity.

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign




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