This lady though…enjoy lads

This lady though…enjoy lads



Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign Statement on Vendors…

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign Statement on Vendors


Tajamuka notes with grave concern the decimation of vendor’s wares by the police in concubinage with the municipality of Harare. This is unacceptable in a democratic society, not least one that claims to be in a new dispensation of opening up the market for economic development. While we all need foreign direct investment and the revival of industries, you cannot open the economy to foreigners by closing it for your own people. Tajamuka would like to warn government to desist from this barbaric behavior and lawlessness or face the full wrath of the masses.

Tinoida Zimbabwe

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign


From a strategic political point of view (not moral or political or emotional) s…

From a strategic political point of view (not moral or political or emotional) should the MDC criticize or seen to be opposed to chiefs getting cars? Especially in light of the party wanting to make inroads into the rural areas and one of the sure ways to do so being winning chiefs (who are rural gatekeepers) to their side? Would really love to hear your views on this one. Let’s discuss.



The life and times of Morgan Tsvangirai remains one of the most intriguing and i…

The life and times of Morgan Tsvangirai remains one of the most intriguing and inspiring personal stories of our generation. His courage and tenacity brought the unprecedented advent of open opposition and defiance against the once feared Robert Mugabe regime. Morgan Tsvangirai stood firm at a time when no one else could dare to do so. He personally paid the price of sacrifice for Zimbabwe to be where it is today. Inspired by his courage and rare charisma, thousands of our young people gave up everything (including life and limb) to follow this man and support his vision for a more democratic and peaceful Zimbabwe based on multiparty democracy. Morgan Tsvangirai’s most illustrious contribution to Zimbabwe was when he gave his 2008 victory for the sake of peace and stability of this great and beloved nation. He said I will not walk to power over the heads and dead bodies of my supporters. He said they would rather rule illegally than destroy this baby. His rarity is rare indeed. He has contributed to the peace and stability of this countries in many and more ways than our bare and shortsighted eyes can see at the moment. As he made his new year statement yesterday, as young people who took up democratic arms under the banner of tajamuka to press for the resignation of President Robert Mugabe we are at a loss of how to react to be sad or to be happy at the hint of the imminent retirement of one of the most illustrious leaders of the post liberation Zimbabwe. As he modestly listed some of his achievements and contributions to this country and spoke about future generations and his wish to see free and fair elections and a democratic Zimbabwe we were so touched because these had become and shall forever remain Morgan Tsvangirai’s struggle embalms. As Tajamuka we continue to pray and hope for the speedy recovery of this iconic figure of our nation. It is our wish that Morgan Tsvangirai recovers on time to join hands with the rest of the democratic movement which he has ably and admirably led over the last two decades. To Morgan Tsvangirai we say get well soon Save. You’re a soldier, a fighter and a warrior. Get well soon and let’s get back to finish what you started. Your place in history and your status as the father of democracy in Zimbabwe are safe and sound and their security if guaranteed.

As young people we will forever follow your footsteps and emulate your exemplary vision courage sacrifice and leadership!


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