We received this heart rending message:…

We received this heart rending message:

Hello my Brother ,am Lesley Sibasa from Filabusi am so happy to see someone on your age who is willing to free our Nation.You are a real leader Brother..My Brother i need your help on this thing .The first born in my Family Lee Sibasa he is in Byo he pegged a Mine at Fortrixon on 2000 that Mine was not giving him anything but he was working very hard and paying tax each and every year at Mines office then on 2012 that Mines produced too much Gold by that time they is a Zanu pF official Member called Patrick Hove from Mberengwa..He came with Police they start to beat everyone who was working for my Brother . they destroyed the houses and everything they said that is their mine it was pegged before my Brother did it.So my Brother tried to open a Case against them but on that time who he was to challenge a Zanu Pf member..Now he is broke and out he is trying to get that Mine back coz he have originally documents for that Mine..He is the rightful owner of it plz my leader can u help us.He was stroked because of stress.That mine is the only thing he had.He was given by his ancestors now he is suffering just like that because of selfish leaders..that Patrick Hove is from Mberengwa but he will be contesting to be Zanu pf MP for Filabusi.And he was keeping a Farm for Zanu PF Youth organisation from Mat south but now that Farm is his own Farm how ?,



A few months ago we wrote this message:…

A few months ago we wrote this message:

The life and times of Morgan Tsvangirai remains one of the most intriguing and inspiring personal stories of our generation. His courage and tenacity brought the unprecedented advent of open opposition and defiance against the once feared Robert Mugabe regime. Morgan Tsvangirai stood firm at a time when no one else could dare to do so. He personally paid the price of sacrifice for Zimbabwe to be where it is today. Inspired by his courage and rare charisma, thousands of our young people gave up everything (including life and limb) to follow this man and support his vision for a more democratic and peaceful Zimbabwe based on multiparty democracy. Morgan Tsvangirai’s most illustrious contribution to Zimbabwe was when he gave his 2008 victory for the sake of peace and stability of this great and beloved nation. He said I will not walk to power over the heads and dead bodies of my supporters. He said they would rather rule illegally than destroy this baby. His rarity is rare indeed. He has contributed to the peace and stability of this countries in many and more ways than our bare and shortsighted eyes can see at the moment. As he made his new year statement yesterday, as young people who took up democratic arms under the banner of tajamuka to press for the resignation of President Robert Mugabe we are at a loss of how to react to be sad or to be happy at the hint of the imminent retirement of one of the most illustrious leaders of the post liberation Zimbabwe. As he modestly listed some of his achievements and contributions to this country and spoke about future generations and his wish to see free and fair elections and a democratic Zimbabwe we were so touched because these had become and shall forever remain Morgan Tsvangirai’s struggle embalms. As Tajamuka we continue to pray and hope for the speedy recovery of this iconic figure of our nation. It is our wish that Morgan Tsvangirai recovers on time to join hands with the rest of the democratic movement which he has ably and admirably led over the last two decades. To Morgan Tsvangirai we say get well soon Save. You’re a soldier, a fighter and a warrior. Get well soon and let’s get back to finish what you started. Your place in history and your status as the father of democracy in Zimbabwe are safe and sound and their security if guaranteed.

As young people we will forever follow your footsteps and emulate your exemplary vision courage sacrifice and leadership!



His Excellency…

His Excellency
The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe
Honourable Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa
Munhumutapa Building
Samora Machel

23 February 2018

Dear Sir

Re: #ObertMustAnswer

Mr. President on the 17th of November 2017, at the National Sports Stadium you roared words of hope to the people of Zimbabwe during your inauguration ceremony. One of the most remarkable things you pledged and which elated the people of Zimbabwe and gave them another reason to hope was a promise you made to adopt a zero tolerance to corruption policy and to create a conducive environment to do business in Zimbabwe. The whole country reverberated with euphoria and momentum, and even us in the democratic movement and civil society we were compelled not just to give you a chance but we were also inspired to work together with and support you to achieve the great Zimbabwe that you promised on that day.

You promised a lean and competent cabinet. However doubts began to creep in when you finally announced your lean but not so impressive cabinet. Even though your options were constitutionally constrained to the pool of legislators who are elected into parliament, the majority of the people of Zimbabwe were particularly disappointed by one curious appointment that you made both in your party and in government. The appointment of Obert Mpofu as Secretary for administration and Minister of Home Affairs respectively. At that moment, the people of Zimbabwe began to view your pledge to a corrupt free Zimbabwe with a pinch of salt. Mr. President this letter will not burden you with the needless facts and information relating to Obert Mpofu, all of which is in the public domain. He is and remains one of the most corrupt and remorseless figures in your government. In other words he is a rotten tomato that will taint your entire cabinet and whatever good intentions you hold with irreversible rot. The negative perception of Obert Mpofu has been further exacerbated by his plain refusal to answer pertinent questions raised by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee.

Mr. President you have a perfect opportunity to prove to the people of Zimbabwe your unrelenting commitment to your pledge to fight corruption and establishing a truly democratic and accountable society. All you have to do is to carry out one of the following options with immediate effect:

1. Direct Obert Mpofu to return to Parliament and answer questions put before him as soon as possible

2. If not ask him to resign and if he refuses

3. Fire him

4. Prosecute him for economic crimes

Mr. President, we right this letter out of grave concern and utmost love for our country. Recently in the United Kingdom, an official resigned for being five minutes late to answer questions in parliament and yet Obert Mpofu has the audacity to refuse to be answerable and accountable. This cannot and will not be Mr. President. Your commitment to building a Zimbabwe with a difference will be put in tatters and the support and confidence of the people will be severely eroded. You are implored to act swiftly on this matter and restore the benefit of doubt that Zimbabweans have afforded you. Surely Mr. President we believe that you love this country enough and you are genuinely committed to the creating a truly new dispensation that you cannot afford to lose the goodwill the people have bestowed on you just to save the skin of one morally hollow glutton. Your own personal legacy is at stake here Mr. President and we trust that you will not disappoint.

On our part Mr. President we promise you that we will not stand by idle and cowardly when one individual shatters the hopes of all our people and deprives our citizens the opportunity to share in the national cake because one individual Obert Mpofu has decided to take it for himself and refusing to answer to the country’s parliament. We will go back to the streets and demand that he should be held accountable. We will oppose your claim that Zimbabwe is open for business because it will not be true. We will also be approaching the High Court of Zimbabwe seeking the courts to compel Mr. Obert Mpofu to comply with the constitutional requirement to answer to Parliament.

We look forward to your kind and swift response to this litmus test on your leadership and commitment to fixing our country. Remember all this is happening in the context of the 2018 watershed elections. The people are watching and they are not fools.

Thank you in advance for your usual cooperation.

Yours faithfully
Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign

Cc: Parliament of Zimbabwe
Anti-Corruption Commission
Hon. Temba Mliswa, Chairperson of the concerned Parliamentary Portfolio Committee
Justice Luke Malaba, Chief Justice of Zimbabwe
Transparency International Zimbabwe



The arrogance, the contempt, the disregard, the disrespect, the conceit, the hau…

The arrogance, the contempt, the disregard, the disrespect, the conceit, the haughtiness, the egotism, the superiority, the pride, the self importance, the entitlement, the selfishness, the disdain, the despise, the derision, the condescension, the disparagement!

There are no superlatives in the English language that can be best used to describe what one Obert Mpofu did in Parliament today! Unacceptable! Totally Unacceptable! That’s Bollocks! Utter rubbish!

I said it on the return of ED after his short stint in self imposed exile when I saw this guy fixing microphones at ZANU PF Shake Shake Building. I was being readied for a BBC interview when News broke that ED was back in the country and was about to address his supporters. When images of the event started coming through and this guy was beaming with a huge smile fixing these microphones I just said “Oh no” the English Journalists in the room could not understand why I said that and I couldn’t even begin to explain to them what that site meant for us.

In that very moment I knew we were not going anywhere and there was no “new dispensation” to talk about, the Cabinet announcement was not a shock at all. The Coup has targeted Criminals around Mugabe and somehow this one guy survived. These are the new criminals around President ED.

This is the very man who signed off a letter once to Robert Mugabe with the statement “your most obedient son” These men represent our past and his attitude in front of a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee today just proves what i have been saying all along, THERE IS NOTHING CALLED NEW ZANU OR REFORMED ZANU!

These men’s attitude towards the electorate stinks! They have an air of self importance and entitlement around them and you heard him “I’ve been in Parliament since 1987” that’s 3 decades people, this guy now even believes it’s his right being there.

Let me say it here, now, loud and clear! ZANU PF MUST GO! it must fall. In all its forms, reformed, reborn, reloaded, recharged, recycled, cooked, baked, grilled, fried or roasted whatever form! ZANU NGAIENDE

taneta! Hence the new Hash tag #Taabho #SesiRight #WeHaveHadEnough

Surely we can’t go on this way, I’m not even going to start with the public transport debacle. I’m enough!

Ngavaende ngavaende vanhu ava!

Taabho 👍👍👍👍👍

#STOLEN from Marshall Shonhai



Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign …

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign


Obert Mpofu must go back and answer to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee.

Yesterday the nation of Zimbabwe was shocked when Obert Mpofu refused to answer to parliament but instead walked away and demanded that the chair of the committee Hon. Temba Melissa refuse himself claim that Temba Mliswa is conflicted. This cannot be. Obert Mpofu has to be held answerable and accountable for his actions. Tajamuka will write a letter to Parliament and to the President demanding that Obert Mpofu be brought back to answer to the committee and all the questions put before him. The citizens of his Zimbabwe have always viewed Obert Mpofu with skepticism and suspicion. It is believed, with good cause that Obert Mpofu should never have been retained in the new government as he is known to be one of the most corrupt government officials of our time. We are saying no to corruption
No to impunity and immunity
Accountability and Transparency

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign


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