Dear MDC Councilors and Zanu PF government. this gogo (a senior Citizen) was on …

Dear MDC Councilors and Zanu PF government. this gogo (a senior Citizen) was on a Kombi from Chitungwiza to Pari Hospital. she was told to get out at Colcom… Walk to 2nd Street to catch another Kombi to Pari coz she could afford your new money making scheme Shuttle Buses that add another $0.30 to drop her in the centre of town. $0.30 to 2nd Street. That add $1.20 to her travels on top of the $2 back and forth. It took her 2 hrs to walk recorded live by Newsday and will talk her 2hrs back… I hope we see some Activists go and “selfie” the shit out of this injustice!!!

Stolen from Kuda Musasiwa


Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign …

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign


Demo Demo Demo

Tajamuka/Sesjikile supports the Transport Operators, Hwindis, Travellers who will have a demonstration against the government directive. The government has directed kombis not to enter into the CBD thus leaving passengers to walk for more than five kilometres to get to the city centre. Our view is that the government must be preoccupied with constructing the required transport facilities that allow for passengers to get into town without causing anarchy and the congestion. We refuse to aim for less.

Tomorrow let’s take action.

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign





MY SUN HAS SET- Morgan Tsvangirai

Rest in peace comrade

Last day when I shed my earthly body. I will cross over to the spiritual realm.
My physical body had fought so many battles in the past.
Cancer was but one battle too many. I gave it a shot. In fact I gave it plenty.
As the cancer ate my insides I could see the toll on my family. The despair, the misery and the agony which they tried to hide.
Unfortunately on earth you can only control how you live. No one gets to control how they die. Not even why. Sooner or later our spirits will take to the sky.
Eventually we all fly.
I’ve reflected on my life and I’m proud. I managed to inspire lives. I gave hope to husbands and their wives. It was never a plan or target of mine. I did not do it for high fives. I wanted to stand for workers’ rights. I thought that would be enough but I would be found fighting a bigger battle from 1999. History will judge me but I like to think I did mighty fine.
I made my mistakes. I lived through them and I learned. I was a political blacksmith who tried to forge a new Zimbabwe and you know what they say. I played with fire and I got burnt. I won some hearts. I won enemies too. Some I earned.
There were things I could have done better. There were things I couldn’t and those I don’t regret. Some seeds I planted in hearts of my people to blossom and fruit years later.
I’ve been broken hearted, I’ve broken hearts both alive and now as I depart.
I’ve been human for the most part. I’ve had controversy but I have also given reason to celebrate.
I’ve been expected to dangle at the end of a rope only to turn the gloom into hope. All while living on the international stage under a microscope.
History will judge me. Did I fail to change the status quo? I don’t think so. But it depends what those who judge are looking for. I think I did more.
I opened eyes. I let the people believe they could stare at their tormentors and say no. I would believe I made them believe they could refuse bread crumbs and instead demand more. I didn’t do everything. But sometimes all people need is a start. A sign. I hope that’s what I’m remembered for.
As my sun sets yours rises. Make hay while it shines. Follow your heart, dont waste your single life conforming, forcing your soul to do what it despises. There’s a race to be run. There is work to be done. Do your best. I will see you when you join me on the other side.
Morgan Tsvangirai
Late opposition president of Zimbabwe’s MDC


Should we look to and expect thieves and murderers to say, Yes, indeed Morgan Ts…

Should we look to and expect thieves and murderers to say, Yes, indeed Morgan Tsvangirai was a hero? The same people whose thievery and murderous associations Tsvangirai fought and opposed. You can’t give Tsvangirai National hero’s status because he already has it. You can’t make him a hero because he already is one. So whether you call him one or not, it has little to no effect. Ten people can sit down and decide Tsvangirai is not a National hero. But millions, without even meeting, agreed Tsvangirai is a National hero. There is that physical Heroes Acre somewhere near Warren Park where you will find the remains of many thieves and murderers. But there is a prestigious Heroes Acre, built in the hearts of the people. This is where the loved like Joshua Nkomo lie and this is where the memory of Tsvangirai will take it’s place. It is not where your physical remains are interred that makes you a hero. It is where the memory of you is kept and how people will remember you that makes you a Heroe. At the physical Heroes Acre lies nothing but bones, polished tombs and grave stones. But in the hearts of people you will not find graves. You will find the dead alive, kept as treasure for the most precious treasure is not kept under guard, lock and key, but in the heart, where the best thief in the world cannot break in to steal. The thieves and murderers bury each other at their heroes acre , showering each other with lies and fraudulent deserts. But a man like Tsvangirai is buried with love and truth because he is buried by people from every corner of life. Like treasure, they bury him in their hearts, where there is no death because the heart like the spirit does not die. There, he is made alive, though dead, because you cannot be dead where there is life.



I hosted Morgan and Susan Tsvangirai in Nelspruit in 2007 after he was savagely …

I hosted Morgan and Susan Tsvangirai in Nelspruit in 2007 after he was savagely beaten by the police. After a week of recuperation and recovery, it was time to take them to catch their flight back to Zimbabwe. I asked Morgan if I could take him to meet some Zimbabwean refugees on our way to the airport. The illegal Zimbabweans who scraped a living on the streets of Nelspruit wanted to give Morgan a letter they had written. It was mostly a letter of encouragement but in the letter they also told Morgan what they were looking for in a leader. Morgan said of course we should stop. Listening to people was his job he told me. Morgan and Susan sat on a hot and dusty Nelspruit pavement for over an hour in the full Lowveld sun listening to penniless illegal Zimbabweans. I had to drag him away to catch his plane. Morgan treated those poor people with such dignity and respect. They loved him almost as much as he loved them. RIP Morgan.









I have learnt of the passing of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai with deep sorrow.

I considered Morgan a champion and a distinguished political leader of the Second Liberation of Zimbabwe from the dictatorship imposed by Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF which destroyed the hopes and aspirations of citizens of a nation that was once regarded as a shining hope in Africa.

Morgan dared to dream of democracy, freedom and justice for his country and his people despite the firm hands of dictatorship that held sway. By standing up for these ideals, Mr. Tsvangirai inspired a generation, planted hope in down-trodden Zimbabweans that change was possible and loosened Robert Mugabe’s suffocating hold on the people and the nation.

Until his death Mr. Tsvangirai remained a source of inspiration to a generation of leaders across the continent for his courage and determination in the face of monumental odds. His death leaves a gap in a country that still needs strong and vigilant forces of change to return to the path of democracy and freedom. I pray that the party he founded, the MDC, will hold firm and pursue the ideals he lived for.

My family, our party the Orange Democratic Movement and the National Super Alliance join Mr. Tsvangirai’s family, the MDC and the people of Zimbabwe in mourning his death.

H.E. Raila Odinga
February 15, 2018.


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